This year's update

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Since we don't update the old blog as much as we'd like to. Here is a giant catch up.

Doesn't Five Guys make everyone feel this way 

 Nate's major award! He is really good at the Monopoly game at Boondocks I am fan of Fire and Ice, but sadly all of these tickets only got us two bracelets and some laffy taffies.

For Nate's birthday we went to Disneyland without the kids. It was wonderful. Heather and Bret and there kids were there at the same time. We loved it! We felt guilty for not bringing the kids, so for Alivia's 3rd birthday we took the whole family 

The girls love to have movie nights. We pick out a movie from red box, pop popcorn and pull out our hid-a-bed and the girls love it. We love that we can watch a mommy and daddy movie uninterrupted and a lot of the time the girls fall a sleep watching the movie so we don't have to do the big going to bed ritual. It's great for the night when you really want a date but you cant find a sitter. 

Both me and Nate have pictures of us doing this at Hogle Zoo. We thought it would be a great tradition to do the same with our kids. 

We made Alivia's crib into a toddler bed but I don't think she slept one night in it. She would sneak out or cry on the floor until she would fall asleep. We finally let her sleep with Eva so we could get some sleep she is still sleeping with her almost a year later.

Livie joined her sisters in the cutting your own  hair club. Luckily it was in a spot you could hardly tell. I almost forgot that she had tried cutting her hair until I found this pic.

 Last dec we had a huge windstorm. We were out of power for 36 hours and had neighbors without power for 72 hours.  Our house got down to 50 degrees luckily Nate's parents had a gas fire places to keep us warm. They were also out of power but the gas still worked at there house.  After that we got a generator and a gas space heater we are much more prepared if it happens again
 Nate had a conference in Vegas for work on my birthday so I went with him. My mom came over to our house and watched the kids. They loved having grandma over .
 For my big 30 I went a little crazy in Las Vegas and got my ears pierced for the first time in my life. And even though I am 30 my dad still gave me a little lecture about not putting holes in my body because my body is a temple
 a sleep over with cousin molly
 Livie loves flowers like her momma
 Livie playing with a Koa at a bbq last year
Emmie's preschool graduation 

 The Treehouse Museum is the best thing about ogden
 Woolf Family reunion at Bear Lake this year

The girls did so well at swimming lessons this year we are so proud of them

 First day of school pic Eva 2nd grade
Emmie Kindergarten 

Livie just wanted her pitcure taken too. She will start preschool next year 

Second day of school 

Eva and Emmie both had the same teacher, Mrs Alder. We love her! She is great! 

Livie loves to go to the park after we take her sisters to school
 Livie's birthday. She wanted a cake, Cheetos, and everyone to jump out and say "surprise!"

We got a new dog. We had a Boston Terrier for about a month named Bubsy but he bit Alivia in the face and he found a new family. Then we got Penny, a maltese,  from Grandma Myers she is a pretty good dog she loves to walk the girls to school and then have Alivia push her home in her stroller.

photos of girls

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nate gave me a new lens for Valentine's day and he let me try it out a little early. Its for close up portraiture. So far I love it . I think it helps when your subjects are so sinking cute :)